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You have probably bought hundreds of Dresses throughout your life, but no purchase will be as important as the the dress you choose when you are Mother of TheBride. Getting the dress right is critical, and for that reason we do suggest you consult with your daughter! There are numerous styles of Mother Of The Bride Dress to choose from from the classic shift dress to the modern styled maxi dresses. So check out all the different styles below and find the one that will suit you.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to think about comfort. Remember that the same dress you will be sitting down to eat in, will be the same dress you will dancing the night away in. So as well as looking good, make sure you feel good.

In terms of Etiquette regarding Mother Of The Bride Dresses, we do recommend the following • Do not wear white or cream – unless the bride requests it • Do not wear anything too revealing or slinky – this is not the place for your cleavage to be on show! • Let the Mother Of The Groom know what you are going to wear – this will avoid any unwanted clashes. We have brought all the top Mother Of The Bride Dress Collections together so that you have everything at your fingertips. Why visit 50 sites when you can visit one! Don’t get stressed, enjoy the experience. There is a dress out there for everyone!

Below are some of the reviews found on some of the dresses and outfits that are promoted on the site.

Beautifully Tailored

Just received outfit this morning and the dress and jacket, all beautifully tailored with the dress falling just below my knee. Exactly what I wanted for my daughter's wedding coming up in the summer

Modern Mother Of The Bride

It's just what I wanted for my son's wedding, simple style, beautiful fabric and not the usual mother of the bride look. Absolutely fab!

Stunning Mother Of The Bride Outfit

Bought this when I was Mother of the Bride. Really comfortable and very classy.

Just The Ticket

Just what I was looking for for a wedding. Perfect fit and colour

Great Fit, Beautiful Patterns

I had ordered this for a wedding in the summer. It is a beautiful fit and feels lovely to wear. Lovely length too

Comfortable, Flattering, Beautiful

Bought this for a friends wedding it was just right. The multi layer covered my middle age bulges without being too bulky

Great For Mother Of The Bride

I have just received this today and I am very happy with it. I needed a Mother of the Bride dress and I am not a flowery, fussy person and this dress and jacket suited me very well. It is very elegant and sophisticated

Elegant Outfit For Special Occasion

Bought this dress to wear to a family wedding. Looks very elegant,fits perfectly, length just below the knee which is perfect for me

Perfect For Winter Wedding

Looking forward to wearing it at a winter wedding later this year and pleased to have bought this lovely dress