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Autumn Occasion Outfits

Choosing the perfect outfit or dress for autumn occasions

Choosing the correct outfit or dress is never easy, but with a little help from us, you can have a lot of fun picking. If you are lucky to be part of an autumn event, you will be glad that this is the season when some of the most gorgeous and flattering collections are being released.

Pink Occasion Outfits

Perfect for Spring & Summer special occasions. Particularly good for brunettes

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Blue Occasion Outfits

Perfect for special occasions throughout the year. Particularly good for brunettes

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Silver & Grey Occasion Outfits

Sliver and Grey lend themselves perfectly to occasion outfits, with Sequinned or Beaded Silver Outfits working across the board, however darker skin tones and deeper hair colours work best.

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Floral Occasion Outfits

Perfect for any spring summer occasion, Florals can bring vibrancy, brightness and style to your event

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Teal Occasion Outfits

Perfect for late summer and autumnal events.

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Apricot Occasion Outfits

Perfect for any summer occasion, the cool Apricot shades are very much in this season.

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Lilac Occasion Outfits

Perfect for summer occasions, lilac works wonders with darker hair colours and complexions.

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Champagne Occasion Outfits

Dark hair is the perfect counterpoint to light champagne / cream outfits. Always a classy colour to choose for special occasions.

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Pale Green Occasion Outfits

A must have colour for any spring summer special occasion. We have seen many blonde ladies look stunning in pale green this year.

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Turquoise Occasion Outfits

A bright summery colour. Turquoise is perfect for all summer occasions. Works well with blonde hair, with warmer tones.

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Red Occasion Outfits

Blonde hair is a favourite with red outfits. Also most brunettes have a reddish hue to their colour, making red a workable option.

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Green Occasion Outfits

Strong greens look great for brunettes and darker complexions.

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Black & White Occasion Outfits

A classic combination, that is a staple in most ladies wardrobes. Perfect for ladies day outfits.

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Mocha Occasion Outfits

Blondes can really look fabulous in mocha and brown shades.

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Purple Occasion Outfits

Perfect for Autumn & Winter special occasions. Particularly good for brunettes

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Gold Occasion Outfits

A little sparkle and shimmer works wonder with blonde hair colours. Blonde colours really pick out golds in occasion outfits.

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Orange Occasion Outfits

A strong colour, for strong looks and personalities. Works with most hair colours, though it works better with warmer tones, rather than paler.

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Deep Pink Occasion Outfits

Perfect for Spring & Summer special occasions. Deep pinks are particularly good for offsetting brunette hair colour.

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Jade Occasion Outfits

A classic autumn winter colour that can look extremely classy and sophisticated.

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Yellow Occasion Outfits

Perfect for Spring & Summer special occasions. Pale yellows are particularly good for brunettes. With dark red lipstick, it completes the look.

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Dark Red Occasion Outfits

Blonde hair is a favourite with red outfits. Also most brunettes have a reddish hue to their colour, making red a workable option.

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Light Blue Occasion Outfits

Extremely popular for spring summer weddings, outfits and dresses in lighter shades of blue are the perfect option for all.

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Multi Coloured Occasion Outfits

Add style and interest with an outfit with multiple colours. Be careful to match with plainer accessories or single colour jacket

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Pastel Occasion Outfits

Pastels work well in contrast with brunette hair colours. However we have seen many blondes with warmer tones, wear pastels well. Pastels are always a favourite for weddings.

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Black Occasion Outfits

The must have go to colour for everyone. Slimming, stylish, classic – Black is the wardrobe staple.

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Polka Dot Occasion Outfits

Spotty dresses are seeing a revival this year, especially in retro styles. Perfect for ladies with lots of personality.

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Choosing the right colours

Getting your outfit right

Crucial things you need to know when choosing the outfit. 1) The season of the event. A summer wedding has a totally different colour palette than a winter wedding 2) What is your hair colour and skin tone .3) Is there a particular colour scheme to the event. 4) Don't clash with the important players at the event - be it the bride of mother of the bride!